24-Year Old Female Entrepreneur Builds 6-Figure Hawaii Marketing Agency in Less than Two Years

Game Changer Marketing Solutions, a leading marketing agency in Hawaii, quickly reaches 6-figure milestone

It’s imperative that companies leverage the power of today’s technology in order to market their business”

— Cassi Manner

OAHU, HAWAII, UNITED STATES, August 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — According to Harvard Business Review, the average age of entrepreneurs when they start their company is 42. One Oahu-based marketing agency, Game Changer Marketing Solutions, is bucking the trend. The startup has reached 6-figure status within two years of opening, and the company was founded and is being run by a 24-year old, Cassi Manner. In addition to the speedy rise to the top, the marketing agency has won numerous awards along the way.

“It’s imperative that companies leverage the power of today’s technology in order to market their business,” explains Cassi Manner, owner of the company. “While they are specializing in offering what it is that they do, whether providing a product or service, I handle those important marketing tasks for them, which is a win-win for everyone.”

It’s Manner’s keen sense of marketing in today’s world that has made her so successful so quickly. Not only has she used her skills to help hundreds of clients expand their reach and grow their business, but she’s used also them for herself. Not only has she made Game Changer Marketing Solutions a company that quickly became successful, but she’s had her own personal digital media success, too.

As a social media expert who is a freediver, she has used her digital marketing skills to blog about the best freediving in Hawaii. She has an Instagram following of over 450,000, where she also shares information about fitness, health, travel, and fashion. Being successful in promoting her own brand, she tapped into that idea in order to create an agency that would help other companies do the same.

Game Changer Marketing Solutions provides a full range of digital marketing services to meet client needs, including:

• Web Design and SEO

• Social Media Management

• CRM Software

• Email Newsletter Management

• Content Creation

In the two years since Game Changer Marketing Solutions was founded, the company has won numerous awards, including Top B2B Provider in Hawaii, Top 20 Logo Design in San Diego, Top 20 SEO Companies Servicing San Diego, and was ranked as one of the Top 20 Web Design Companies in San Diego. While the company is based in Hawaii, they have clients around the globe that they provide marketing services for.

“Consumers largely turn to online information when they start a business search,” adds Manner. “Your business has to be there in an effective way so that you don’t lose out on leads. At Game Changer Marketing Solutions, we do that work for you, so you can concentrate on servicing your customers. Effective digital marketing helps grow your business.”

Manner is an expert in digital media marketing, and uses that information to help her company reach those who need real solutions. Game Changer Marketing Solutions offers a free online marketing success checklist, as well as a free virtual consultation. The company provides a full range of digital marketing solutions, helping clients in a wide variety of fields, including health, lifestyle, and fashion. To get more information about Game Changer Marketing Solutions, visit the site at: https://www.gamechangermarketingsolutions.com

About Game Changer Marketing Solutions

A full service marketing agency based in Hawaii, Game Changer Marketing Solutions helps companies navigate today’s digital media world. Founded by Cassi Manner, a 24-year old digital media expert and blogger, the company works with companies around the world. To get more information, visit the site at: https://www.gamechangermarketingsolutions.com


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