5 learning apps for students with special needs

Millions of students transitioned to online and hybrid learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. While that transition was relatively easy for some students, many–including students with special needs–found it difficult or impossible to access in-school services and therapies.

While many schools returned to full in-person learning or hybrid learning, COVID-related learning loss is still a concern. There are a number of apps and online tools that can help parents and caregivers of students with special needs fill the gaps as much as possible during the summer months.

These apps can be especially helpful for parents looking for easy-to-access resources even after in-person learning resumes in the fall.

1. Skill Champ uses a child’s interests to teach new skills. Quickly customize lessons with a favorite theme, such as using sailboats to teach numbers or train signs to teach colors. Skill Champ covers a range of early academic skills: Picture Matching, Letters, Numbers, Colors, Put In, 1:1 Put On, Big & Little, Happy & Sad, A/B Patterns, and Shape Puzzles. Every Skill Champ lesson is based on best-practice autism strategies and includes a printable curriculum so that children can practice the skills on and off the iPad.

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