6 Steps to Creating Engaging Content for Marketing

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Digital marketing is becoming more and more complex as the years pile on. Nowadays, there are so many tools and techniques that you will need to familiarize yourself with if you want to future-proof your business. The world of commerce is moving at breakneck speed, and most businesses won’t be able to survive the ever-changing landscape.

But do you know what doesn’t change when it comes to digital marketing? It’s the fact that you will need to master content creation. When it comes to kicking behinds and taking names in your online marketing, creating lots and lots of high-quality marketing content should be your team’s mantra. Venngage offers plenty of templates to help you create thousands of amazing content quickly using their unique templates.

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Oh, and let me emphasize two important words above that might have escaped you — High Quality. Just because the content is king in digital marketing shouldn’t give you the license to start chucking down content like Steph Curry down by twenty points in the 4th quarter. You need to make sure it is engaging.

But, what is engaging content exactly and why is content important? Done right, and it will do wonders for your sales, brand image, and business stability. It has the ability to make or break your digital marketing and will keep your competitors a step behind you.

But how exactly do you go about creating engaging content for your online marketing? Here are the steps.

1.    Start with your Goals and Purpose

Did you notice that you get more things done and in a better manner when you set goals at the start? It’s true; goals are there to remind us why we are doing something and to stay in line with what we wanted to accomplish.

The same goes for content marketing. Start first by homing in on purpose before making anything. Because before we learn how to create engaging content, we must first dust off the drawing board and strategize.

What is the purpose of it? Is it for brand awareness? For immediate sales? Some sort of PR strategy? To get website traffic? Tease a new product? Get more subscribers? etc.

Look, you may be tempted to pool together so many goals in one content, but this is always counterproductive. In the end, you will always end up with a garbled mess that will turn away potential customers. So don’t get greedy with this one and choose the main goal. If you are done with that, then you can go from there.

Here is another good tip after you have zoned in on the main goal – look for brands that are already successful with their visual storytelling and get some inspiration. This will give you a good gauge of what works and what does not.

2.    How to engage your audience on social media

Look, if you’re the type of marketer who wants all seven billion people in the world as your target audience, then it’s about time you leave this article. Unless you have managed to monopolize the oxygen in the atmosphere or all the world’s food supplies, then you will have to choose a specific target market to cater to.

This is especially true with social media content. Do you want to know why? Because different groups, ethnicities, social circles, and even professions have different ways of reaching them. There is a high chance that these groups will react differently to the same design, fonts, language, colors, content, etc.

Allow me to expound on that. Say you wanted to sell some life insurance catered to the elderly, you would not use jargon and words that the younger generation are using, right? You also should probably not use a photo of the boy band BTS or the Weeknd to make them understand why getting the premium policy will be better if they have grandchildren.

Of course not! Because those things won’t appeal to them. The same goes for other groups. This is especially true on how to engage your audience in social media — learn about how to talk to them appropriately.

Knowing your audience allows you to plan how you speak, how your content looks, and how to make them feel. This way, chances are, you will get the reaction you are looking for.

3.    What’s the Format?


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So you think you already know how to create engaging content, eh? Slow your roll on this one. Do you even know what the format of your content is?

I mean, there are so many content formats to choose from and this includes but is not limited to the following:

  • blogs
  • social media posts
  • newsletter
  • podcasts
  • ebooks
  • forum posts

Content formats are highly dependent on a lot of factors. What is your budget? (some content formats are more expensive compared to others.) Where is your product or service more accessible? What are your goals? And how many people do you have working on this content? Where is your target audience more likely to be?

Truthfully, there are a lot more things you should consider. But these are the top ones you should be wary of.

Another thing you should consider is your company’s strengths. If you don’t have a good and proven writer on your team, then you should probably stay away from blog writing. On the other hand, if you have a person who shines on camera, it might be good to start a vlog.

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4.    Weave a story

Do you know what audiences really love? They go crazy if what they are reading or viewing comes with that authentic and engaging factor.

So weave your story. Carefully craft why you think your product can and will be beneficial to them. Tell real stories of people like them that you have helped along the way.

Think of your content as a complete and beautiful tale that speaks to your audience. Make sure you engage them from the start and keep them interested so that they will want to hear the rest of what you have to say. You can use appropriate colors, a good engaging headline, striking images, etc, and create the most engaging facebook posts ever.

Every good story has a climax, and so should your content. Tell them in the best manner why the product or service is a must-have. Here is a tip, an infographic is always an excellent way to express your story visually. Take advantage of fantastic icons and wow them with data.

Lastly, end things right. Maybe wow them with a bargain or how easy it is to avail your product.

Do you know what the best thing about a good story is? Chances are, people who read them will want to spread it to others.

5.    Don’t guess and look at the Data


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The work does not stop after your content is finished. Understand that mastering content creation is an art form that will take time.

This is where analytics come in. A lot of major online marketing platforms like social media and search engine ads have amazing analytics. This means that you can track your content’s performance with things like clicks, engagements, sales conversions, etc.

This way, you will have a good gauge on which of your content is hot, which ones are meh, and which ones are as cold as an Eskimo’s cheeks. Knowing this data is extremely important as it allows you to adjust or even pivot your strategies in the future. You can also relay it to your team so they can have irrevocable proof of whether their work is good or lacking.

I got another nice tip for you. Use data visualization through graphs and charts to help you relay your content’s analytics better to your team. Big data is easier to decipher if you master data visualization.

Content is King

Whether you want to create the most engaging Facebook posts ever or have your brand go viral, creating high-quality content will always be your key. Learn it, master it, and watch the good times roll!

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