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Are you confused of getting a name of a trusted web hosting provider at a cheap budget? Then we have got you covered

Cheap Web Hosting Plan in India

Are you confused of getting a name of a trusted web hosting provider at a cheap budget? Then we have got you covered.

While you are in search of a trusted internet web hosting service, I’m assuming you are pretty sure that the market is full of both dubious and fidel web and domain providers. Hence, it could be a genuine problem of which one to select out of. That’s why seek help from the following 8 domain providers that provide both cost effective plans and earn user trust. For instance, the web hosting platform Hostinger is availing all of its domains and other web hosting services at 80% off & Offers for first time users. There are plenty of others as well.

So, let’s have a look at these but before we start, it’s a wise decision to pay a swift glance at the basic of web hosting and domain services.

What is a domain name?

Domain Name

A domain name is an identification string that helps to identify authoritative or administrative control on the internet. It could be both public and privately led. An example would be, .org, .com, .net etc.

What is a domain register name?

It’s an overall group or company that allows you to buy domain names. Each domain register must be legitimated by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), a non-profit organization that verifies a domain name. However, in case a particular domain has not been verified by ICAAN, it must have a specific IP address.

What is a web hosting service?

A web hosting service is a service that allows an user or organization to upload their website on the internet. Web hosting services can be time consuming and expensive at times. But, web hosting services like Hostinger, Bluehost, A2hosting always serve you in the best cost effective way. So, let’s see, how affordably can you buy plans from popular web hosting service Providers.

1. Services from Hostinger


Over the past one year reliability upon Hostinger has been imminently doubled up. The web hosting platform is popularized for fast load time (345m/s), cheap pricing $.99/month, availing free SSL certificate along with 24*7 chat support service. Moreover the platform also embeds with wordpress hosting, email hosting, professional cloud hosting at 80% off. Apart from it, you can also buy trusted domains from their service.

Hostinger also allows you to buy private website builder at an 87% offer price. Although, it’s platform has reached maximum applause yet sometimes it’s been criticized for not dispensing free domains.

2. Hostgator

Hostgator is another hosting provider which avials its services in exchange for $2.75/month. The main service from it includes ample variations in extension, domain privacy and DNS management tools. It also has an inbuilt drag and drop website developer known as Gator. Hostgator also provides word press hosting plans at a cheap budget limit.

3. Bluehost


This fantastic service provider is applauded for super fast speed (641ms), good uptime and 24*7 support services and being user or beginner friendly. Moreover, the WP hosting service it provides is feasible and subjective to one click install. Overall bandwidth is of a storage of 50GB. You can try this plan for $2.75/ month.

4. Godaddy

One of the best web hosting services that merged with more than 77 million domain access and serves across 18 million users throughout the world. Major services under it are web hosting, a variety of domain hosting services, VPN provider. You can buy their service at more than 80% discount. Moreover, the support from Godaddy management will encourage you for a longer stay with it.

5. Namecheap


Another trusted domain registrar and web service provider in the market. They have a robust domain tool that will help to find perfect domains for you. However, its overall services include email hostings, VPN hostings, DNS hostings apart from domain hosting services. The service is also popular for fast speed and uptime services.

Hence, this is the name of 5 top web hosting providers in a nutshell that are budget friendly. Try any of these and enjoy the best internet speed while keeping all your data super protected.

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