Duolingo announces new app ‘Math’ focused on kids

Duolingo on Friday announced a new “Math” app during its fourth annual Duocon conference. Duolingo Math, as the name suggests, will help people (especially children) learn and improve their math skills in a fun and intuitive way.

The new Duolingo Math was first teased last year by the company’s CEO Luis von Ahn at Duocon 2021. And now we finally got to know more details about the app.

Those who have already used the main Duolingo app to learn a new language will find the Duolingo Math experience quite familiar. The platform features lessons and exercises as if they were mini games to challenge students. This is Duolingo’s first app that goes beyond language, although the company claims that “math can be considered a universal language.”

The lessons are divided into units, so users can choose what they want to learn and practice. Luis von Ahn says that the main idea of the new app is to make the process of learning basic math concepts fun. However, the company doesn’t rule out the idea of including more complex exercises in the future.

New features coming to other Duolingo apps

But, Duolingo Math is not the only announcement today. During Duocon, Duolingo also announced new features coming to its other apps.

For instance, users will be able to learn Zulu, a language spoken in southern Africa. Moreover, both Duolingo and Duolingo ABC (which helps children learn how to read) will be redesigned. Among the updates, there’s a new “path” that will show the user’s progress through each lesson.

All Duocon 2022 videos can be found on the official Duolingo website. In addition to content about the new features announced today, there are also talks about languages, teaching kids, and more. As for Duolingo Math, interested users can now join a waiting list for the app. At first, Duolingo Math will be available exclusively for iPhone and iPad users and only in English.

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Duolingo announces new ‘Math’ app focused on kids and more features coming to other apps