Every Watch Lover Should Download These Apps Right Now

Chelsin Armendo


Whether you’re an obsessive vintage watch shopper or you feel compelled to keep up with the latest G-Shock releases, there’s an app for that. There are many, in fact, but a few apps absolutely deserve a spot on any watch lover’s home screen.

We’re not talking about smartwatches or the smartphone apps that accompany them: we’re talking about apps specifically for people with an insatiable appetite for wristwatches and everything to do with them. There are many ways the horologically hungry can feed their fixation and enjoy their hobby, whether it’s connecting with fellow enthusiasts, buying and selling, or following news and watch journalism — and apps can facilitate all of these. If you want to get even nerdier, there are apps to help catalog your collection, track its estimated value and even analyze certain indicators of your watches’ health.

Everyone from watch brands, retailers, enthusiast publications and forums might have their own applications, but you probably don’t need all of them cluttering up your screen and consuming your device’s memory. Below are a few apps that’ll absolutely enhance any watch enthusiast’s experience — and inevitably increase your screen time.

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If you don’t have any watch-specific apps yet, start here. Owned by the website/store Hodinkee (which, yes, also has its own app) and created by tech entrepreneur Kevin Rose, Watchville is your go-t0 daily dose of aggregated watch content and news from many of the top publications in the field. What watch people are talking about is all here. You’ll also end up regularly using its super handy clock function — with everything from moon phase to perpetual calendar data — to set your watch.

Price: Free
Operating System: iOS, Google


Chrono24 is an online watch marketplace with just about every kind of watch you can think of, sold by individuals and professional dealers alike, and its app is well designed and useful. Even if you’re not shopping to buy now (y0u can also list your watch for sale), it’s a cornucopia of watch browsing that’s valuable for endless entertainment, such as discovering interesting models or the best prices. Its “Watch Collection” feature lets you catalog your collection — which some of us actually lose track of — and it automatically even generates value estimates.

Price: Free
Operating System: iOS, Google


WatchRecon is similar to Chrono24 in its value for buying, selling and browsing, and is a great supplement for even more variety. It’s light on extra features and simply lets you explore listings as well as search and filter by brands without making it too complicated. The best thing about WatchRecon is that it offers a primarily visual experience where you’re first presented solely with pictures and can click through to more information if you’re interested.

Price: Free
Operating System: iOS, Google

Watch Tracker

This paid app offers a clever way of measuring your watch’s accuracy without any fancy or additional equipment aside from the smartphone you downloaded it on: You manually tap a button to mark the time on your watch, and when you do it again (after a day or so) it compares the difference. It generates charts of your watch’s accuracy over time and becomes more useful the more you use it. And, yes, it can accommodate multiple watches. It not only provides an important metric on your watch’s health, but also a meaningful way for you to interact with and understand said watch.

Price: $4.99
Operating System: iOS

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