Explosive Analysis of Negative Online Reviews in the Construction Industry Released

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CALGARY, AB, June 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Over 1,000 online reviews of restoration businesses across all 50 US States were analyzed in the first-ever report that looked at the reasons home construction companies receive bad reviews online. Conducted by software company KnowHow, the findings highlight the common problems that lead to restoration projects failing, and customers taking the company to task online.

From minor inconveniences like “no show appointments” to conflicts that require police intervention, the report is the first of its kind to take a broad view of the home construction industry in the US and discover where projects derail. The results of their analysis will be released as an e-book Delivering 5-Star Restoration Experiences: An Analysis of 1,000 Bad Online Reviews in the Restoration Industry this week at https://fivestarrestorer.com.

“We conducted this study to deeply understand the common mistakes construction companies make,” said Leighton Healey, Chief Executive Officer of KnowHow, “but boy oh boy did we get more than we bargained for.” 

In the book, readers will get:

  • Shocking stories of contractors gone wild
  • Clear, common breakdowns during restoration projects, from delays to poor workmanship
  • Tangible steps restoration companies can take to eliminate costly bad habits
  • Insight and takeaways from the industry’s biggest names

“The majority of the restoration companies in America deliver great customer experiences, and because of this they didn’t appear in our report,” said Healey. “But you can bet I am going to check the reviews of any company I’m thinking of working with before I invite them into my home. A book like this proves that consumers should do their research, and businesses need to remember that in the age of the internet, they’re always accountable to their customers.”

ABOUT KNOWHOW: KnowHow is a software tool that helps restoration companies eliminate process, project and workmanship inconsistencies across their workforce, and give their management teams back the 50% of their time. Find out more about KnowHow at https://tryknowhow.com 

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