Is Nexcess The Best WordPress Hosting For 2021? Reviews, Support, Pricing & More

If you need to create a website for your online business, portfolio, or digital publication, you’ll need a web hosting service to accommodate your site and all of its content. The best WordPress hosting service allows your site to be seen and accessed online. This is done through web hosts that offer their services of housing websites by running, configuring and maintaining physical servers.

If you’re like most content creators and have been using WordPress to create the initial draft of your site or blog, then you’ll need an effective and powerful hosting service that specifically caters to WordPress and its features and plug-ins. If you aren’t a seasoned creator or developer, you may get confused with all the complications of web hosting. If you’re looking for the best WordPress hosting for beginners, you definitely need to take a look at Nexcess.

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Nexcess is a web hosting service for WordPress, Woo and Magento that’s fully managed so you can focus on getting creative and managing your actual site. You don’t have to worry about the back end. Here’s a more detailed look at what Nexcess offers which makes it one of the best WordPress hosting sites.

Choosing Nexcess means choosing better quality and service for your WordPress hosting needs because of its speed, security, scalability and support.

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Faster Speeds

Nexcess hosting offers better speed so it drives traffic quickly and keeps it there. It does this through the Nexcess Cloud Accelerator which is an abstraction layer found in front of the cloud stack that considerably quickens loading time. It is powered by NGINX which is a high-performance web server that manages microcache or static content. It also does quick, in-memory caching of your assets that are used frequently. 

Customizable Tech Stack

Nexcess lets you customize your own PHP version of your cloud stack through its client portal. As one of the foundations of web development, a stack runs on a server to support your website. It includes an operating system, database, programming language and a server. Nexcess lets you build using an open-source platform from the beginning which you can continue to grow on OpenStack. 

Auto-Scaling for Traffic Surges

Once your traffic surges, you still want your site to be running smoothly without any issues, retaining customers and visitors. Nexcess’ auto-scaling technology checks your site for any surges in traffic. Once it goes past the user capacity limit, the scaling technology is triggered to adjust the PHP limit and accommodate such spikes in user traffic. So any flash sales, viral content and contests can be launched without you worrying about your website crashing. 

Stronger Security

Nexcess provides PCI DSS Level 1 across all its hosting services. You can become PCI-compliant through Nexcess so your customers and visitors know that your site is following industry standards when it comes to data security. You also have the option to create dev sites so you can test the changes on your site before finalizing anything. This way, you can protect all identifiable personal information and ensure the security of your customers’ information.

Unparalleled Support

Get platform-specific help from experts 24/7, all days of the year especially when you need it the most. Nexcess offers proactive service monitoring and free white-glove site migration as part of its customer support.

Better DNS 

Get better DNS service as it is part of Nexcess’ hosting solutions. It also handles the cost and implementation. Nexcess has a network of 15 DNS servers strategically located worldwide to give your customers and visitors a local DNS server to considerably reduce loading time. 

Free Website Migration

If you’re planning to move to a better hosting service or you’re looking for cheap WordPress hosting or both, Nexcess offers free website migrations with its hosting services. If you plan to switch to Nexcess’ hosting service, its team will move all the parts of your website for free as part of your plan. This is also applicable if you’re planning to upgrade or downgrade your site. Nexcess requires minimal downtime for a seamless switch. 

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Apart from its effective hosting solutions and seamless website migrations, Nexcess prides itself on its outstanding customer support. Reviews on the website and even on Trustpilot show that Nexcess is the real deal and truly values its clients. Customer service is very responsive. They are efficient and prompt with their support and will reply to your email in just a few minutes. 

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Nexcess offers a 14-day free trial so you can better gauge if the hosting service fits your needs. For individuals and small businesses, Nexcess offers three plans: Spark for 1 website, Maker for up to 5 websites and Designer for up to 10 websites. It also offers different packages and plans for bigger businesses with multiple sites. Get a Nexcess plan today at 50% off for your first 6 months with the coupon code:  AUTUMN50