Little boy is annoyed after no one orders burger for him. Internet hearts viral video

Video of a little boy sulking over the fact that no one ordered a burger for him surfaced on social media recently. It has gone crazy viral with over 53k views.

Screenshots from the viral video.

Imagine your friend or a family member had ordered some delectable food from outside but they somehow missed out to get something for you. Will you be annoyed? Well, in all probability, the answer will be a big yes. When a video of a little boy sulking over the fact that no one ordered a burger for him surfaced on social media, netizens couldn’t help but sympathise with the little one.

In the 1-minute-18 second video, a little boy can be seen in quite a grumpy mood because it appears that his sister ordered a burger for herself but got nothing for him. The little one looks pretty annoyed and can be seen saying, “Mere se baat nhi karo (Don’t talk to me)”.

“Tum apna burger jaldi se khaa lena mai nahi khaunga, Sahi hai? (You can eat your burger, I won’t eat it),” the little boy further says in the video. The girl who is capturing the video is continuously teasing him. In the end, he is just too enraged to continue the discussion and he just walks off.

“Burger ke liye itni narazgi bhi theek nahi (So much anger for a burger is not okay),” Twitter user Mohammed Futurewala wrote while sharing the video.

Take a look at the video here:

The video is sending the Internet into a meltdown. “Give him all the burgers please (sic),” a user wrote. “So sweet, narazgi ka jawab nahi. Hope the boy got his burger (sic),” another user commented. “Such a cutie. Reminds me of me when I used to be angry (sic),” another comment read.

Adorable, no?

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