Novi broadband survey gauges fiber interest to speed up internet

How’s your internet speed these days? Are you satisfied with the price you pay and what you get in return?

Novi is looking for feedback on an idea to install fiberoptic infrastructure as a way to get higher speed internet access to all parts of the city. Pictured is a construction crew installing a fiberoptic network in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Novi city officials are asking residents these questions in a broadband survey that takes only about five minutes if you’ve got a decent connection.

If not, all the more reason to participate as this feedback could spur pursuit of fiber connections in the city.

“We are hoping to get as much feedback as we can so we know what residents want and if they are satisfied with the current service,” Humna Anjum, city project engineer and broadband committee member, said. “A lot of people are working from home, students are working from home, and we want to know if they have the speed they need.”

The city council began exploring last year the possibility of bringing faster, more reliable internet service to residents. The quest began with a look at what other communities are doing, including Farmington and Farmington Hills, who partnered to create a fiber optic network and drive down internet and cable prices.